NMFMA Membership

The New Mexico Farmers’ Marketing Association (NMFMA) is a state network of farmers’ markets, farmers and other invested parties working to bring locally produced food directly to communities across the state of New Mexico.

As a member of the NMFMA, you’ll gain access to exclusive funding opportunities and become part of a group of passionate, like-minded individuals and organizations as we share ideas to educate the public about local agriculture and increase connections between farmers/ranchers and their communities. We work together to develop programs that increase food access at farmers’ markets and farm stands, bring resources to New Mexico communities that support the local food economy and increase awareness of the importance of agriculture to healthy communities.

Benefits vary by membership type; to find out more, please click the links below.

Membership Categories

(1) Farmers’ Markets, (2) Farmers, Ranchers, and Food Processors, (3) Farm Stands and Grocery Stores, and (4) Interested Parties within the state of New Mexico are eligible to become members of the New Mexico Farmers’ Marketing Association.

To become a member of the NMFMA or to renew your membership, please fill out the appropriate online application and submit your payment by May 1st* of the current year. If you prefer to fill out your membership form by hand, you may download the .PDF version located under each category.

*This deadline corresponds to the growing season and is important for publishing accurate market information in educational & supplemental program brochures. First-time members in the following categories may submit their application at any time: (2) Farmers, Ranchers, and Food Processors, and (4) Interested Parties

(1) Farmers' Markets

(2) Farmers, Ranchers, and Food Processors

(3) Farm Stands and Grocery Stores

(4) Interested Parties

Use Paypal to pay your dues by clicking on the donation button and entering the amount you owe:

OR mail your membership dues (made out to the NMFMA) to:

1219 Luisa St. #1
Santa Fe, NM 87505