Liability Insurance

Farmers’ Markets that are members of the New Mexico Farmers’ Marketing Association are eligible to buy general liability insurance through the Association.

The cost of coverage is $10 per vendor. A market with an average of 10 vendors, therefore, would owe $100 for insurance for the year. Markets may also add an additional insured to their policy (please include the name of the additional insured in the notes section of this form if this is needed); fees for this vary by type of organization.

If you would like to purchase liability insurance for your market, please fill out and submit the application below by May 1st of the current year. You may also download the form here if you prefer to fill it out by hand and mail it in.

***Please note: This insurance is for general liability only – it covers the market in the event of a slip and fall or other accident caused by some sort of negligence. The policy provides up to $2 million dollars ($1 million per incident) in coverage. Unfortunately, this insurance will only serve your market in the case of an incident involving market property. If there is an accident involving the truck or tent of a market vendor, that vendor will be seen as the liable party.