The New Mexico Farmers’ Marketing Association is devoted to supporting farming and locally produced foods in every New Mexico community.

Bring the Harvest Home


Who grows the food in your community? We believe farmers should be able to stay on their land, keep water and seeds in production, and preserve agricultural knowledge. Meet some of our state’s best growers, ranchers and food producers at your local farmers’ market, and find out what’s in season for your home-cooked meals.


Who enjoys fresh, healthy food in your community? We believe every New Mexico family deserves access to fresh food. That’s why a variety of NMFMA programs are dedicated to ensuring children, seniors, and the underserved have access to fresh food available at their local farmers’ markets, along with supporting education.


What makes your community flourish? We believe that supporting local growers, ranchers and food producers preserves cultural identity and traditions, along with creating valuable community gathering places. Supporting local food producers also keeps important food dollars circulating in our hometowns where it is needed most.

Peaches and Pecans

Zucchini and Avocado Salad

Summer Squash Pizza Boats

Pat Montoya’s Family Orchard

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Pat Montoya’s Family Orchard is a 4th generation orchard in La Canova, New Mexico. The orchard is run full time by Pat and Juanita Montoya and their children, Michael and Victoria. They have been selling their produce at area farmers’ markets for 38 years. The Montoyas pride themselves on being pesticide-free…

Mr. G’s Organic Produce

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Gary and Natasya Gundersen own and operate their 2-acre farm – Mr. G’s Organic Produce – in unincorporated Jacona, about 20 miles north of Santa Fe. They started farming their land about 15 years ago and have been fulltime farmers in New Mexico ever since (they previously farmed 12 acres…

High Country Grass Fed Beef

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Connie Lamb grew up on the land she now ranches in Datil, New Mexico. Connie’s family has been on the property for about 200 years; they started with raising sheep, but switched to cattle in the 1940s. Connie left ranch life early on to be a teacher. She later returned to the family…

Growers Bring Bounty of Peaches to Market

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By Denise Miller / For the Journal Published: Wednesday, August 2, 2017 ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Bonfires and peaches are not two words you usually associate with each other, but that is exactly what Danny Romero, an orchardist in El Duende, was thinking about as he lit 300 bonfires in his orchard…

Enjoy Bumper Crop of Local Squash

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By Denise Miller / For the Journal Published: Wednesday, July 12th, 2017   You know you can buy skinny green zucchini and yellow squash almost all year long at the grocery store, so what’s special about getting local, New Mexico-grown squash onto your plate this summer? Here are the top five…

Greens Hot at Growers’ Markets

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By Denise Miller / For the Journal Published: Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — If you find yourself craving more salads and even cooked greens as the weather heats up, don’t sweat it. On second thought, that’s exactly the point. As the temperature warms up, and we sweat to stay…

Preserve the Harvest with These Five Simple Techniques

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It’s peak season, and farmers all over the state are harvesting a true cornucopia of goodness, including peaches, pears, blackberries, melons, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, eggplant, squash of all kinds, and much, much more. It’s the time to stuff yourself with the local deliciousness! It’s also a great time to…

11 Reasons to Shop From Your Local Food Producer

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Food has always meant family and community, whether it’s a weekend dinner at home, block parties, or local festivals. Breaking bread with neighbors, tribal members, friends, and loved ones are forms of bonding that increase our important connections to others, through food. The industrialized food system has, in many ways, robbed…

Six More Ways to Eat Local Summer Squash

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Last week we wrote about Six Ways to Eat Local Summer Squash. We couldn’t stop ourselves from coming up with even more ways to eat this versatile and tasty summer vegetable! As a reminder, summer squash are frequently (but not always) young winter squash, eaten while the rinds are soft and edible. They are available…

NMDA Organic Rule Public Hearings

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  The New Mexico Department of Agriculture will hold four public hearings to propose the repeal and adoption of 21.15.1 NMAC — “Organic Agriculture” (view the Organic Agriculture Proposed Rule here). During the public hearings the newly proposed fee structure for the New Mexico Department of Agriculture’s Organic Program will be…

Six Ways to Eat Local Summer Squash

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Summer squashes are frequently (but not always)  young winter squashes, eaten while the rinds are soft and edible. Versatile and tasty, summer squash varieties are available from New Mexico’s farmers starting in June and heading into fall. There are many varieties of summer squash available for your kitchen, from the ubiquitous zucchini, to…