Local CSA Listings


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) links consumers directly with local food producers and operates on “shares”: farms sell a number of shares at the beginning of the season to secure the capital they need in exchange for weekly produce boxes to each share-holding member throughout the season.

Joining a CSA is a great way to get to know where your food comes from.

COVID-19 Update: Many CSAs are offering weekly pick ups that can be ordered at the beginning of each week. Check with individual CSAs for the most current information about their COVID-19 crisis response.

About CSAs

CSA farm shares are typically paid at the beginning of the season, but some CSAs may offer alternative payment plans or work shares.

Keep in mind that being a shareholder in a CSA farm means that you take the same risks that farmers do— problems with pests or severe weather can result in a smaller box of produce. Likewise, a particularly good season means you reap the benefits!

Most CSAs will deliver produce boxes to a convenient location or the local farmers’ market, but some may require that you visit the farm.

Joining a CSA offers great opportunities have opportunities to attend CSA community events, to get to know farmers and fellow members, and to volunteer at the farm.

Memberships are limited, so be sure to inquire about joining a CSA early in the season.


Multiple Locations

New Mexico Harvest

Year-round | Albuquerque, Santa Fe
(505) 585-5127 or orders@newmexicoharvest.com

Schwebach Farm

July through November | Moriarty, Edgewood, Cedar Crest
(505) 832-6171 or info@schwebachfarm.com

Skarsgard Farms

Year-round | Albuquerque, Los Alamos, Santa Fe
(505) 681-4060 or info@skarsgardfarms.com

Albuquerque Area

La Cosecha CSA

June through October
(505) 217-2461 or info@lacosechaCSA.org

Loose Leaf Farm 

Coming Soon!
(505) 313-6823, (505) 977-1510 or looseleaffarm@gmail.com

Whole Heart Farm 

Fill out the contact form on their website for more information: 


Molino de la Isla Organics

June through October
(505) 603-2879 or molinodelaisla@gmail.com

Santa Fe

Santa Fe Farmers’ Market CSA

July through September
(505) 983-4098 x 3

Squash Blossom Local Food

(505) 310-7405 or nina@squashblossomlocalfood.com

Western Family Farm

June through mid November

Silver City Area

Frisco Farm CSA

June through October
(575) 539-2169 or friscofarm@gmail.com


Cerro Vista Farm

Late June through mid October
(575) 770-1426 or cerrovistafarm@gmail.com