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Apogee Spirulina

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What they grow: Nicholas Petrovic at Apogee Spirulina grows spirulina — an edible and nutritious blue-green algae — in Santa Fe using the small-scale French artisan method, which Nic went to France specifically to learn. While spirulina does not currently fall under organic certification (Nic is working to change that),…

Mountain Flower Farm

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What they grow: Anne Sommariva at Mountain Flower Farm grows pesticide-free asparagus, cucumbers, summer squash, fresh herbs, sweet corn, melons, butternut squash, celery root, gourds, and plenty of flowers.   Where they sell: You can find Anne’s flowers and produce at Santa Fe Farmers’ Market.   Contact information: Website: Email Anne…

Revolution Farm

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What they grow: Alex Pino at Revolution Farm grows a fresh lettuce mix; cauliflower and radishes; greens like kale and chard; and winter squashes, including butternut, Delicata, and Japanese heirloom Red Kuri. He also specializes in heirloom garlic, which he turns into high quality garlic powder. Alex uses organic principles, minimal…

Wide Range of Squash Varieties Make Fall Great

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BY DENISE MILLER / FOR THE JOURNAL Wednesday, October 9th, 2019 If there are any vegetables that announce October, winter squash and pumpkins are at the top of the list. Acorn, butternut and spaghetti squash are great fall staples, and at growers’ markets, you can also find less common varieties,…

Celebrate Fresh, Local Produce

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BY DENISE MILLER / FOR THE JOURNAL Wednesday, August 7th, 2019 at 12:02am   In case you’ve blinked, it’s August. And that means there are at least five things related to local food you might want to know about: 1) National Farmers’ Market Week is happening this week; 2) It’s…

Stone Fruit Ripe for the Picking

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BY DENISE MILLER / FOR THE JOURNAL Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019 The Fourth of July signals that summer has officially arrived. You can also tell by the exponentially expanding variety and volume of locally grown produce that is now appearing each week at your local growers’ market. What should you…

May Markets Opening Across New Mexico

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Spring is here, and many farmers’ markets around the state are opening this month! Not only can you find locally grown fruits and vegetables at these markets, but also you can purchase seeds and plant starts to grow food at home. Start your garden by exploring your local farmers’ market…

Holiday Foods Are Cozy AND Practical

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Do you ever wonder why dried foods are traditional holiday staples? Sure, they’re warm, cozy ingredients in our fall and winter meals. But they also have practical origins. Drying foods is one of the earliest preservation techniques and it lives on in New Mexico. Most of what we see now…

Copies of the 2023 "Local" New Mexico food guide on a table

2023 New Mexico “Local” Food Guide

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Hot off the press, the New Mexico Farmers' Marketing Association is pleased to release our 2023 "Local" New Mexico Food Guide! Grab your copy today, or download a digital version, and learn where to find the best, locally grown food in your communities. Inside, you'll find: Directory of all local...
Shoppers buying fresh produce at an outdoor market in New Mexico

Program Doubles the Buying Power of SNAP Shoppers and Invests in New Mexico Farmers

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The New Mexico Farmers’ Marketing Association, a leading local food and farming nonprofit, announces the official beginning of the SNAP Double Up Food Bucks New Mexico season. The innovative program increases access and affordability of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables for low-income individuals and families across New Mexico at…

3 Reasons The Planet Wants You To Eat Local

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Want to invest in the planet? Supporting your local farmers’ markets is a great way to take action this Earth Day. The challenges of climate change can feel daunting, but acting locally, while thinking globally, is an easy way start to making a difference. Here are a few practical reasons…