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3 Reasons The Planet Wants You To Eat Local

By April 20, 2023News

Want to invest in the planet? Supporting your local farmers’ markets is a great way to take action this Earth Day. The challenges of climate change can feel daunting, but acting locally, while thinking globally, is an easy way start to making a difference.

Here are a few practical reasons why you should shop at your local farmer’s market this Earth Day:

  1. You’re investing in your community’s biodiversity. Local farms grow varieties of crops to diversify their operation and maximize the harvest season. It’s a more balanced ecosystem than is found on most industrial, monocrop farms. Many local farmers choose regenerative agricultural practices to rebuild the soil’s organic matter and sequester carbon.
  2. Shopping local provides you with fresher produce that is grown with fewer pesticides. Many farmers pursue organic certification to provide sustainable food and protect the environment from contaminants. Well-managed, healthy farms conserve fertile soil and leave clean water in their communities.
  3. Choosing local reduces your carbon footprint. Local and organic food travels fewer miles to get to your plate. This saves energy and other valuable non-renewable resources. When food travels a shorter distance, less packaging is required, so shopping locally can decrease the amount of trash too. 

Buying locally sourced fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, and other goods supports sustainable agriculture that provides fresh, tasty food for your family’s health, and the health of the planet too!


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