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Holiday Foods Are Cozy AND Practical

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Do you ever wonder why dried foods are traditional holiday staples? Sure, they’re warm, cozy ingredients in our fall and winter meals. But they also have practical origins. Drying foods is one of the earliest preservation techniques and it lives on in New Mexico. Most of what we see now…

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Copies of the 2023 "Local" New Mexico food guide on a table

2023 New Mexico “Local” Food Guide

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Hot off the press, the New Mexico Farmers' Marketing Association is pleased to release our 2023 "Local" New Mexico Food Guide! Grab your copy today, or download a digital version, and learn where to find the best, locally grown food in your communities. Inside, you'll find: Directory of all local...
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GoodFoodNM at the Corrales Growers’ Market

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Corrales Growers’ Market is going on its third year keeping connected to its customers using GoodFoodNM, the New Mexico Farmers’ Marketing Association’s text messaging program, which sends weekly in-season market reminders to subscribing customers of New Mexico farmers’ markets, farm stands, and CSAs, along with tips on seasonal eating, local…

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Insights from Traditional Farming Practices

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Ancestral peoples of the southwest knew how to deal with shifting and unpredictable climate patterns. For thousands of years they learned about and adapted to changes in terrain and moisture patterns, and selected their domesticated and wild food plants accordingly. Many of their techniques are still practiced today by the…

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