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Discover New Greens at Local Growers’ Markets

By June 6, 2018Fresh@Home
By Denise Miller / For the Journal
Published: Wednesday, June 6, 2018


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — What motivates our decisions about the foods we eat? Flavor, cost, availability, health and habit are just a few factors that affect our daily choices.

Eating fresh, seasonal foods can help guide our selections, and this time of year, leafy greens available at your local growers’ market are some of the best options around. Minimal prep time also makes them a great choice.

“Leafy greens” is a broad term for plant leaves that are eaten as a vegetable, and they contain many nutrients. This is the time to make lusty salad bowls, vibrant green smoothies, and much more!

Chard, collard greens, lacinato kale (aka dino or Tuscan) and curly kale await shoppers at the Santa Fe Farmers Market.

Flavor: Greens that are uber-fresh taste full of life and energy. When you buy them directly from farmers down the road, you will taste the difference immediately.

Leafy greens have a variety of tastes and textures, and some taste better eaten raw while other you may prefer cooked. Spinach and lettuce are sweet and tender, while kale and Swiss chard are a bit tougher; mustard greens and wild quelites have a slightly bitter flavor, while baby choy and tatsoi have a delicate flavor.

Try mixing your greens for great flavor combinations. Supple, peppery, tender greens may become your new reason for getting to the growers’ market each week.

Cost: Prices are best during any fruit or vegetable’s peak season – that is when the supply is greatest. June is prime season for greens in most parts of the state.

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