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High Country Grass Fed Beef

By July 26, 2017Meet Some Farmers

Connie Lamb grew up on the land she now ranches in Datil, New Mexico. Connie’s family has been on the property for about 200 years; they started with raising sheep, but switched to cattle in the 1940s.

Connie left ranch life early on to be a teacher. She later returned to the family land with her two children, Kyle and Jessie, and  started High Country Grass Fed Beef in 2016. Connie manages the ranch with assistance from her parents and children. Kyle and Jessie help with the chores and sell at the farmers’ markets; they are the sixth generation to work the ranch.

High Country Grass Fed Beef produces and sells hormone-free, antibiotic-free, grass fed beef.


What They Grow

Connie and her family produce hormone-free, antibiotic-free, grass fed beef. Connie is passionate about her business and bringing her high-quality meat to the people of New Mexico. One of Connie’s goals is to make people more aware that grass fed beef is a healthy addition to their diets. She also feels consumers appreciate knowing where their food comes from and who grows it. And when they buy her beef, they know there are no hormones, no antibiotics, no dyes or fillers, and the animals she raises have a good life.  Connie also knows buying locally raised meat means consumers support their local economies.

Ranching Challenges

Connie’s biggest challenge is getting her cattle to USDA certified processing plants. She often has to drive over seven hours to get her meat processed; including navigating the busy city streets of Phoenix with her cattle in tow, or driving up to Colorado.

Another challenge is that – due to the rural nature and culture of her surrounding area – most people near her raise their own beef. This means, Connie has to go father to sell her product to customers are want it.

Where They Sell

Customers can purchase Connie’s beef by direct order, or at the Rail Yards Market in Albuquerque on Sundays and the Cedar Crest Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays. (Visit our market locator to learn more about these NMFMA farmers’ markets). Connie also sells at the Cerrillos Station Farmers’ Market on Thursdays.

Contact Information

Customers can contact High Country Grass Fed Beef by calling 505-681-9937 or emailing Connie.


  • John Rose says:

    High country grass fed beef is delicious and Connie is a great asset to the Cedar Crest FM. Come taste how beef is supposed to taste.

  • Daniel S. Pena says:

    Dear friend, we love to eat grass fed beef. I was raised in the Mimbres Valley at my grandfather’s small farm. We raised vegetables, alfalfa, and had a few head of cattle and hogs. I remember the taste of the beef, tamales made from home grow corn and the meat from our slaughtered hogs. I remember the milk, cheese, requesón and butter from the farm. Those were the days of wonder. So, how do we buy from you?
    I would also like to email you an interview questionnaire if you don’t mind. My son, Manuel (Manny) Pena is a student at New Mexico State in Las Cruces where he takes a business course. The professor told each student to interview business people to find out how it’s done. If you can help, we would appreciate that very much.
    I am so glad we still have people who raise healthy animals and crops. Thank you. My phone number is 325-212-0003. Sincerely,
    Daniel Silva Peña.

  • Joe Maddry says:

    I’m looking for a half beef. Do you sell that way? I live in Tijeras.

    • Christina says:

      Hi! You will need to contact the ranch directly with your question. You can reach Connie Lamb at 505-681-9937.

    • Amanda says:

      Hello Joe ,
      I live in Taos and we raise grass feed black Angus beef . I have a couple steers to sale direct to consumers this year. If you are interested call 5757705045.
      Amanda Cantu

  • Marcie says:

    Do you accept EBT cards for payment?

  • Christina says:

    Hi Ann. Apologies for the delayed response. We’re sorry to hear about your challenges. But you’ll need to contact High Country Grass Fed Beef directly; this post is just a story about them. Their phone number is 505-681-9937.

  • Nikki says:

    Question for the Farmers Market? Is there any sellers of Honey? Second question, does anyone make meals and deliver to seniors? Thank you

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