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Pat Montoya’s Family Orchard

By July 28, 2017Meet Some Farmers

Pat Montoya’s Family Orchard is a 4th generation orchard in La Canova, New Mexico. The orchard is run full time by Pat and Juanita Montoya and their children, Michael and Victoria. They have been selling their produce at area farmers’ markets for 38 years.

Pat Montoya’s Family Orchard grows a variety of delicious fruits and vegetables.

The Montoyas pride themselves on being pesticide-free and selling quality products to their customers. Love of family and the land is what brought them to farming, and they are strong believers in supporting local businesses and offering healthy, pesticide-free food to families.

The Montoyas love to see involvement from their customers and are happy to share all aspects of their operation, from seed to table. They also feels it’s important to teach children how food is grown so that New Mexico’s traditions of farming and family will continue (they also host field trips for local school children).

Apple products are the specialty of Pat Montoya’s Family Orchard.

What They Grow

Pat Montoya’s Family Orchard grows cherries, apricots, plums, peaches, pears, blackberries, raspberries, and grapes. A large vegetable garden adds to their diversification with 15 varieties of chile, tomatoes, asparagus, cucumbers, corn, and sugarcane. The Montoya’s specialty crop is apples, and they sell their popular apple cider, apple slushes, dried apples, and more from their orchard’s crop. Recently, they also started Wicked Kreations Winery, a line of fruit wines.

Where They Sell

Customers can pick-their-own at the farm in the fall. They can also purchase the Montoya family produce at the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market on Saturdays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays; and the Los Alamos Farmers’ Market on Thursdays.

The Montoya family’s fruit wine from their Wicked Kreations label is available at a variety of retail locations in the area.

Contact information

Visit their Facebook Page, their Instagram, and their website at www.montoyaorchard.com. You can also email them or call the orchard at 505-852-9618.

Pat Montoya’s Family Orchard is a 4th generation orchard in La Canova, New Mexico.


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